Friday, April 16, 2010

Rockin' out

Those of you who know Bubba also know he rarely goes anywhere without his guitar (which this presidential history buff recently nicknamed "Old Hickory").

Well, his constant (and we mean constant) axe-slinging introduced some wear and tear ... and broken strings. So our friend Ms. Jaime took it home to her husband, who not only added three new strings but also tuned it. (Ms. Jaime's husband is also involved in archeology. This makes him a guitar-playing archeologist ... and Bubba's new hero.)

To celebrate, Bubba and Mom wrote their first song together. (The lyrics are based on a good deed they did a few weeks ago for a worker at Teacher's Aide, where we get homeschooling supplies. Yes, it's a true story.)

Bad Day

Bad Day started out like any other
It all began with a call from my mother
Headed to work at Teacher's Aide to answer calls
Set up a new display, and it took a big fall

It's a great day for a root beer float
Wish I could have a root beer float
I'd also like to go pet a goat
And enjoy my day with a root beer float

A couple of customers walked in the door
Tracked mud all over the nice, clean floor
Looked through a lot of books and didn't put them back
I guess today was a good day to wear black


Time to check out for a mom and son
Boy chose pencils to smell. What has he done?
The "smencils" he chose are my three favorite kinds
I knew it was getting close to lunch time
I told him how hungry he was making me
What came next? Thought I'd never see


Ten minutes past when he walked back in
Carrying a straw and cup
I couldn't believe my eyes
And had to look up

Root beer float helped my Bad Day to be gone
Until the next one comes at the crack of dawn


Mrs. O said...

Love your lyrics, would like to hear the melody sometime. Do either of you play guitar? I could show Will a few chords sometime if you want. I've been playing since I was 8. (yes, the guitar had been invented back then) :-)

tagskie said...
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joven said...
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