Monday, September 13, 2010

Crutchy McGimpsalot

This is Daddy's new reality.

He broke his kneecap while ... uh ... fighting off ninjas in the work parking lot. It'll take about another four weeks to heal. Until then, he's all crutches and limping.

Here's what he sees when he looks to the east.

And here's the south.

And the west. (Luke is always on guard.)

But, it's not all laying on the couch. He's catching up on reading.

And he's still a party animal.

And still plays tackle football. (Wait ... what?)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Open Mic Night!

One of our favorite hangouts, a coffee shop/art gallery in town called A Place to Land, has an Open Mic Night every couple of weeks. We like to watch our buddy Chris Daugherty, a local musician, play some Bob Dylan and (mostly) folk rock.

Usually, Chris lets us try some of his instruments ...

... and then we strut our stuff. Sometimes it's just us, and sometimes there's a big crowd.

And sometimes Chris joins us on an accompanying instrument (and vice versa).

And here's some video ...

Here's Will playing Neil Young's "Comes a Time."

Isabelle got a trumpet this summer and practiced every day ... to the point of memorization. She made her public debut at Open Mic Night.

And here's both of them joining Chris for one of Mom's favorite songs, Bob Dylan's "Mama Rock Me." (Check out Will's harmonica solo.)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Smart Aleck

We had some lemon slices left over from a house party last night, and Izzy put one in her water. After she drank it, she found a lemon seed and asked where in the yard she could plant it.

Mom: Lemon trees won't grow here, honey.

Izzy: Yes, they do!

Mom: How many lemon farms have you seen in this area?

Izzy: (thinks) Three.

*walks away before Mom can respond - the little punk*

Friday, April 16, 2010

Rockin' out

Those of you who know Bubba also know he rarely goes anywhere without his guitar (which this presidential history buff recently nicknamed "Old Hickory").

Well, his constant (and we mean constant) axe-slinging introduced some wear and tear ... and broken strings. So our friend Ms. Jaime took it home to her husband, who not only added three new strings but also tuned it. (Ms. Jaime's husband is also involved in archeology. This makes him a guitar-playing archeologist ... and Bubba's new hero.)

To celebrate, Bubba and Mom wrote their first song together. (The lyrics are based on a good deed they did a few weeks ago for a worker at Teacher's Aide, where we get homeschooling supplies. Yes, it's a true story.)

Bad Day

Bad Day started out like any other
It all began with a call from my mother
Headed to work at Teacher's Aide to answer calls
Set up a new display, and it took a big fall

It's a great day for a root beer float
Wish I could have a root beer float
I'd also like to go pet a goat
And enjoy my day with a root beer float

A couple of customers walked in the door
Tracked mud all over the nice, clean floor
Looked through a lot of books and didn't put them back
I guess today was a good day to wear black


Time to check out for a mom and son
Boy chose pencils to smell. What has he done?
The "smencils" he chose are my three favorite kinds
I knew it was getting close to lunch time
I told him how hungry he was making me
What came next? Thought I'd never see


Ten minutes past when he walked back in
Carrying a straw and cup
I couldn't believe my eyes
And had to look up

Root beer float helped my Bad Day to be gone
Until the next one comes at the crack of dawn

Thursday, April 15, 2010


B-Man's eyesight test at school this year showed he's a little farsighted. So he became the first kid in the family to get glasses. He was excited because he gets to wear specs like his friend, Presten.

Keep in mind, this is the same kid who remembers to bring his lunch bag (and its velcro snack/sandwich bags, ahem, homemade by Mom) home every other day ... at best. We'll see how it goes.

Let's hope the other kids have Dad's eyesight.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More April Fools!

Mom treated the kids to one more April Fool's joke the morning of April 1. Here's how to do it:

1. Gather a group of unsuspecting children for their morning cereal.

2. Secretly put blue food coloring in the bottom of the bowl.

3. Tell the children they're seeing things.

Izzy wasn't sure what to make of this.

But Gabs was more adventurous.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April Fools!

Some of you might remember last year's April Fool's prank meal. Mom topped herself this year.

Some angel food cake and frosting, toasted to look like grilled cheese sandwiches.

A "dessert pie" made of hamburger and mashed potatoes.

And juice made of hardened Jell-O. (This year, we topped it with a layer of actual juice to throw them off.)

The kids were a little more "aware" this year, but the anticipation kinda added to the fun. (NOTE: Sorry, but Daddy forgot to charge the video camera to get their reactions "live." Photos will have to do this year.)

B-Man had no complaints about the lack of cheese ...

... while Izzy enjoyed her meat pie.

And Will fell for the Jell-O/juice AGAIN.

Overall, another successful April Fool's meal.

P.S. Mom added to the fun by packing some "wormy apples" in their lunch bags. Oh, we have fun at our house.

P.P.S. Mom and Grammy got together and sprung this nasty surprise on them that morning.

Daddy wishes he could've caught the look on Izzy's face. "But ... what if we have plans?!?"