Sunday, September 12, 2010

Open Mic Night!

One of our favorite hangouts, a coffee shop/art gallery in town called A Place to Land, has an Open Mic Night every couple of weeks. We like to watch our buddy Chris Daugherty, a local musician, play some Bob Dylan and (mostly) folk rock.

Usually, Chris lets us try some of his instruments ...

... and then we strut our stuff. Sometimes it's just us, and sometimes there's a big crowd.

And sometimes Chris joins us on an accompanying instrument (and vice versa).

And here's some video ...

Here's Will playing Neil Young's "Comes a Time."

Isabelle got a trumpet this summer and practiced every day ... to the point of memorization. She made her public debut at Open Mic Night.

And here's both of them joining Chris for one of Mom's favorite songs, Bob Dylan's "Mama Rock Me." (Check out Will's harmonica solo.)


Elaine said...

WOW! Tell them good job from me :-)

kriscrouse said...

I'm impressed. Such a talented family. And nice video work, Will, especially catching Mama rocking Gabbi during her favorite Dylan song.

123A2Z said...

Great job, Will and Isabelle! I wish I had known you were going to play that night. Please let me know if you decide to have an encore....I will totally be there! Mrs. O :-)